Contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately after an accident or injury could greatly increase your chances of securing a favorable settlement or verdict.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, attacked by a dog, or experienced any other type of injury caused by another person’s negligence, you should contact an experienced Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as you can in order to learn about your options for recovering personal injury compensation.

Despite this, sometimes injury victims will wait to contact or hire a personal injury lawyer thinking that their injury isn’t that serious or that the insurance company “will take care of it.” However, in 2021, most people should realize that multi-billion dollar insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. The insurance company’s goal will be to resolve your claim as quickly as possible for the least amount of money.

That is why you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. Your attorney can act as a screen between you and the insurance company to prevent them from harassing you with frequent calls and letters in an attempt to convince you to settle before the extent of your injuries are even known. Additionally, your Salem personal injury lawyer will be able to collect evidence at the beginning of the case that could be lost if you delay.

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