Are Personal Injury Lawyers Worth It?

Are Personal Injury Lawyers Worth It?

Are you wondering if it is worth hiring a personal injury lawyer in 2021? The quick answer is yes – an experienced personal injury attorney has intimate knowledge of personal injury law. Additionally, your Massachusetts personal injury lawyer will also know how the claims handling process works and will have experience negotiating with the local insurance companies, their agents, and their lawyers.

In 2021 you may be thinking that you can just Google a few articles, or watch a YouTube video, and handle your personal injury case yourself.

This, however, would be a mistake. A skilled personal injury lawyer will have years of experience and knowledge that you would be unable to gain from a quick internet search on the topic. They will know the pitfalls and the traps for the unwary.

An insurance adjuster would welcome the opportunity to negotiate with an unrepresented accident victim. The insurance adjuster will believe that the victim would not know the full value of their claim and will immediately make an unfair offer that would not come close to compensating the victim for his damages. If the injury victim does not accept, then the insurance company will have no incentive to raise their offer as only the threat of a lawsuit will compel an insurance company to make a fair offer.

You may think that you will save money by not hiring a personal injury lawyer. However, personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis so there is no up front cost to you. In general, your personal injury lawyer’s ability to add value to your claim and force the insurance company to make higher offers will more than pay for the cost of hiring a lawyer and will result in more money going to you.

If you need a seasoned personal injury lawyer to fight for you, call or text William D. Keefe, Esq. at 978-852-0914 for a Free Consultation and Case Evaluation.

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